About Us

Who We Are

We have worked within the construction industry for over 20 years providing both project managers and site managers overseeing extensive small and large scale projects within residential, industrial and commercial sectors. Knowledgeable in designing and developing plans to required specifications, delivering units within time and constraints, while focusing on safety, reliability, and quality. Although we have extensive management experience knowledge within the construction industry, we are very much hands on with over 3 years experience in providing services to Venetian Marble Polishing, Rising Damp, Mould and Condensation issues within Real Estate, Private and Commercial Sectors.

Below is a short video clip and self explanatory method and causes of Rising Damp , which usually leads to Condensation. We would be able to apply our skills and provide outstanding quality works, using highly efficient materials. What makes us unique from the others, is the fact that we do not associate with synthetic products, materials nor unskilled labour.

Why Choose Us

High-Quality And Authentic Products

Due to our years of experience, knowledge and skills we are able to diagnose these areas swiftly and professionally . Our products are highly adhesive and providing permanent protection against rising damp.

It one of the highest strength damp proofing cream with an active ingredient (silane) highly saturated . This is more than any other damp proofing cream on the market providing long lasting protection against rising damp and giving the homeowner peace of mind.


We aim to expand beyond the horizon, whilst valuing each employee commitments, dignity and safety.


To be the leading service provider and deliver high-end bespoke finishing to our customer satisfaction.

Core Values

• Customer Services
• Clarity
• Integrity
• Resilient
• Exceptional customer services
• Punctuality
• Skills, Experience and Knowledge